If you are a realtor/business person/entrepreneur, I’m assuming you already know the importance of posting social media content consistently.  This article is for those of you who are struggling to post content because:

A) You don’t have enough time/rather spend your time on other aspects of your business; or

B) You don’t have the skills to create good content


The 4 ways shared below are to (temporarily) solve the latter.  Unless you have the resources to pay someone to manage your social media, you will have to invest time into posting content if you want social media to work for you.


Before we go over the tips, if you take away anything from this article, make sure that you create and share content with this intention: GIVE VALUE FIRST, SELL SECOND.


Without further ado, here are 4 simple tips for creating social media content:


1) Document your time with clients


Make sure to get your client’s permission before posting anything with them in it.

This is one of the easiest and best ways to show your audience that you provide value and to brand yourself without being “sales-y.”


Take photos/video of your clients (or you with your clients) when:

  • You close escrow
  • When your offer gets accepted
  • When you hand them the keys
  • When you’re out showing homes with your clients


Here’s a big one: Ask your clients if you can video interview them & ask about their home buying/selling experience.


This is a good way to get a more natural client testimonial than you would if you asked for a client testimonial.


Here are a few tips to make these posts more effective:

  • Always tag your clients – tagging them will cause the post to show up on their timeline
  • In your captions/descriptions, focus on the clients by sharing your positive experience working with them
  • If it’s a video, make it a minute or less – there’s no reason to keep it lengthy if it doesn’t need to be & you’ll be able to share it across all social media platforms (namely Instagram which limits videos to 1 minute in length)

2) Use Live Videos 


Using live videos are a really good tool for individuals who really don’t have the skill to create videos, because you need to (in most cases) use your mobile phone’s camera, and because there is a larger margin for error and viewers will be more forgiving of the lack of production value.  With that said, you always want to have a plan and structure for your videos! DO NOT dredge on aimlessly without a some kind of structure for your videos.


What platforms to use live videos on & their advantages:

  • Facebook
    • Live videos have more of a priority on the FB timeline
    • The ability to post as a normal video after
    • Your friends receive a notification whenever you go live (both on the FB app & the Messenger app)
    • The ability for your audience to share your video
  • Instagram
    • Notifies your followers every time you go live
    • Goes to the top of Instagram stories and stays there as long as you’re live
    • Your audience can only view while you’re live – this can be an advantage if:
      • You’re using the live tool for the exclusivity (like a giveaway)
      • You’re using it to create urgency for your viewers
      • Your live performance wasn’t your best – it’ll disappear after anyway


Ideas for live videos:

  1. Open houses/showing
    • As noted above, you want to have a structure for your videos
      • Practice how you will introduce yourself & how you will introduce the property you’re at
      • Plan out what part of the house you want to start at, which rooms you want to visit and in what order, and where you want to end
      • Plan out the features you want to highlight in the house & the specifications you want to note
  2. Events relevant to your clients
    • This could include something like a home buyer’s seminar
    • A social media giveaway
  3. Educational videos
    • This is probably the best way to give value to your clients
    • Try posting them consistently so that viewers will be conditioned to expect your videos (once a week perhaps)
    • These types of videos are more effective on Facebook because you can post the video after it’s live
  4. Sharing news
    • Sharing your new listing
    • Changes to your business
    • Promoting a workshop or seminar


Some extra tips for better live videos:

  • Orient your FACEBOOK live videos correctly – do you want your video to be viewed in PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE mode?
    • Landscape is usually better if you want to fit more in the frame of view – like if you have other people with you or you want to show a view of a house or a room
    • Portrait maybe be better if you want your viewers to focus solely on you and what you’re saying
    • In general, landscape is the way to go; to access this mode, you MUST:
    • Rotate your phone to landscape view BEFORE going live – if you rotate after you go live, your video will stay in portrait mode dimensions, but your image will be sideways
  • Improve your audio by buying a microphone compatible with your smartphone
    • The image is only 50% of your video – bad audio quality will turn away plenty of viewers & in many cases, the audio quality is more important than the image quality
    • Here are some microphone options
  • Take advantage of the FB editing abilities after the live video has ended and been posted
    • Edit your caption
      • In 8 or less words, explain what your whole video is about, but make it as interesting as possible
    • Change the thumbnail to something attractive for someone scrolling on their timeline
      • You can create custom thumbnails on Canva
      • Sometimes just copying and pasting your video description and putting it on top of a good image is best, because people will often look at the thumbnail and ignore the description when deciding whether to watch the video
      • Or, you can just pick the best frame that Facebook provides when changing the thumbnail
    • Add captions – a lot of users scrolling through their timeline will either watch videos with the sound turned off, or not watch videos at all because they don’t want sound playing from their phone.  Captions can get the latter to stop and watch the video and influence the former to watch the video longer


3) Create simple graphics with free, easy-to-use tools


There are a lot of web and mobile apps that allow you to make quality graphics.  No expensive programs or expert design skills required.  You will need an eye for what looks good, and that is something you can easily grow through repetition and by taking inspiration from other people’s posts.


First, we’ll go over the type of simple, graphic content you can create:

  • Inspirational quotes over a picture
    • You can share your own encouraging words for your audience, or quote someone else
  • Audience engaging posts with a colorful background
    • You could ask your audience a question that will get them to comment
    • These posts are always good because you get to interact with your audience and the more activity on your post, the higher it will be ranked on people’s timelines
  • A quick tip for home buyers/sellers
  • Real estate stats relevant to clients, with a nice background or relevant picture
  • A picture of one of your listings
    • This is just a good way to remind your audience of your listings
  • Fun GIFs/Boomerang videos
    • These are no static images, but they’re simple and easy content to make
    • You can use these mainly for fun posts of you at work – it’s important to note that not everything has to be serious work related posts – you should mix in a few fun and personal posts everyone now and then


Apps to use:

  • Facebook allows you to add a colorful background to your text
  • Canva
    • A web tool that will not only allow you to make awesome graphics for the ideas above, but will allow you to make more advanced graphics when you get better:
      • marketing materials (business cards, flyers, invitations, letterheads, etc.)
      • infographics, social media banners, photo collages and more
  • Over
    • Great mobile tool for easy text over graphics
  • Instagram stories
    • Allows you to write over pictures you take and then to save them
    • Boomerang – allows you to take a boomerang and save to your phone



4) Share/Repost other people’s content


If you find yourself struggling to post original content, don’t be afraid to share others’ posts.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that you won’t have to put time into this activity.  You’ll need to browse and interact through different social media platforms and websites to find content that is worthy of sharing.  This will come easier to those who already love to browse the internet and consume information and content.


There are many advantages to sharing other’s content:

  1. You are still showing up on your audience’s timeline
  2. People who see the original post will see that you shared it
  3. You are supporting others by sharing their content, which builds good will and expands your network and influence
  4. You’re still providing value to your audience (depending on the content you’re sharing)


Again, share/repost content that is of value to your audience (and sprinkle in a few fun posts).

Here are some posts you should share/repost:

  • Relevant news stories or blurbs
  • Educational blogs
  • Educational videos
  • Basically, anything you would post originally if you were able to create it yourself


Here are some tips to make your shares/reposts “original” and effective:

  • Add your own opinion in the caption/description
    • If the post is educational, add one of your own tips/strategies
    • If it’s a news article/video, explain in your own words why it’s important and to whom
    • Explain who should be consuming the post you shared
    • Quote something in the blog/video that resonates with you or you think is important
    • Tag the user of the original post and praise them for sharing good content
    • NEVER share a post without adding your own words
  • Tag specific people the post may be relevant to


Some important guidelines to follow:

  • Do not do anything that will suggest that the content is your own
  • Do not plagiarize by downloading a graphic or video, pirating a video, or copying a blog and then posting as your own
  • For Instagram, use the REPOST app and tag & credit the user of the post in your caption
  • For Facebook, use the share tool they provide on each post
  • Always give credit to the original poster in some form


Final thoughts

These may be simple ways to produce content for social media, but they’re not easy.  You will still have to invest time and effort into it.  This is not meant to be the ultimate solution for your social media efforts – there is no ultimate solution.  It is meant to help you build a foundation for the social media aspect of your business.

There is no specific answer to how frequent you should post.  Just know that MORE IS BETTER – as long as you stick to the mindset of PROVIDING VALUE FIRST and selling second.

Social media & video marketing is something we emphasize when growing your real estate business.

Our overall goal is help our agents get out of the mindset of a realtor and into the mindset of a business owner.

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